Dimitrios Sklavakis, Ph.D.


University of Macedonia
Department of Applied Informatics
Computational Systems and Software Engineering Lab
Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems (AIIS) Group
Egnatias str. 156,
Building C, Office 327
54006, Thessaloniki,

Tel.: +30 2310891706
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PhD Description (Abstract)

The effect of the knowledge acquisition bottleneck is still limiting the widespread use of knowledge-based systems (KBS), especially in the area of model-tracing tutors, as they demand the development of deep domain expertise, tutoring and student models.

The MATHESIS meta-authoring framework for model-tracing tutors (MTTs), presented in this thesis, aims at maximizing knowledge reuse. This is achieved through ontological representation of both the declarative and procedural knowledge of a model-tracing tutor (MTT), as well as of the declarative and procedural authoring knowledge of the process to develop a MTT.

Declarative knowledge is represented in Ontology Web Language (OWL).

Procedural knowledge is represented using the concepts of atomic and composite processes of OWL-S web services description ontology.

The framework provides authoring tools, integrated into the Protégé OWL ontology editor, for the development and management of the MTT's ontological representation. It also provides meta-authoring tools for the ontological representation of the authoring expertise as a set of composite authoring processes and atomic authoring statements. The latter constitute a language, OntoMath , for building executable authoring models that, when executed by the tools, guide non-expert authors like domain experts to the creation of new model-tracing tutors.

The framework, being in an experimental stage, was used for the development of a monomial multiplication and division tutor. However, the overall design and implementation aimed at constituting the framework as a proof-of-concept system that can be used for the meta-knowledge engineering of more complex model-tracing tutors. . (Video)


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The MATHESIS Intelligent Algebra Tutoring School (English)

The MATHESIS Tutor and Tutoring Processes Authoring Tools (Demo)

The MATHESIS Authoring Processes Authoring Tools (Demo)

ΜΑΘΗΣΙΣ: Ένας ευφυής διαδικτυακός βοηθός Άλγεβρας (Greek)

ΜΑΘΗΣΙΣ: Μία ευφυής διαδικτυακή τάξη Άλγεβρας (Greek)

The MATHESIS Ontology

PhD Thesis