Dimitrios Sklavakis, Ph.D.


University of Macedonia
Department of Applied Informatics
Computational Systems and Software Engineering Lab
Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems (AIIS) Group
Egnatias str. 156,
Building C, Office 327
54006, Thessaloniki,

Tel.: +30 2310891706
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Despite Model-tracing tutors' efficiency, it is currently estimated that 1 hour of tutoring takes 200-300 hours of development . The main reason for this is the knowledge acquisition bottleneck : extracting the knowledge from the domain experts and encoding it into a program. Knowledge reuse appears as a necessity to overcome the knowledge acquisition bottleneck. Since expert knowledge and especially tutoring knowledge is so hard to create, re-using it is of paramount importance.

One widely used and quite promising technology for knowledge reuse is ontological engineering. In the case of model-tracing tutors, ontology engineering is the task of defining the cognitive model (facts, production rules) and tutoring model (user interface, model tracing and knowledge tracing) of the tutor and encode them in an ontology using specially designed environments for ontology management. This is the first research goal of the MATHESIS project. An efficient representation of all the tutor's models in an ontology will provide a search space for the problem of tutor authoring.

The second research goal is to develop the authoring tools that will help human authors search through this ontology space and therefore make their authoring faster and easier.

For the development and implementation of these research goals a bottom-up approach seems more appropriate. First, a working prototype of a model-tracing tutor will be implemented. Then, the knowledge embedded in this tutor will be used to develop an ontology. Finally, based on the ontology a suite of authoring tools will be developed. Their purpose will be to guide the search through the ontology and help human authors. (Video)


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The MATHESIS Intelligent Algebra Tutoring School (English)

The MATHESIS Tutor and Tutoring Processes Authoring Tools (Demo)

The MATHESIS Authoring Processes Authoring Tools (Demo)

ΜΑΘΗΣΙΣ: Ένας ευφυής διαδικτυακός βοηθός Άλγεβρας (Greek)

ΜΑΘΗΣΙΣ: Μία ευφυής διαδικτυακή τάξη Άλγεβρας (Greek)

The MATHESIS Ontology

PhD Thesis